Move it Monday

Anddd…we’re back in action! Time for a long lost Move it Monday post!

I am finally feeling back to normal with my workouts and like myself again. Since the first week in December, I wasn’t feeling like myself during workouts….AT ALL! I think this was because a few different things. I started my new job on December 1, so I just changed workouts from the afternoon to 5:30am! I have always been a “morning person” and before I started my first job, always worked out first thing in the morning, and loved it! But, for the pat year and a half, I worked out at 3:00 in the afternoon after getting off of work. I guess I didn’t realize that my body would need that much of an adjustment switching to early morning again! Definitely a lot harder than I was expecting. 

I was getting to the gym with such a negative nancy attitude. I didn’t want to workout, wasn’t feeling motivated and definitely didn’t push myself like I know how to do. I was getting frustrated with myself but couldn’t seem to snap out of it!

With that said, after the holidays were over and the new year began, I am getting better about it and feeling more motivated when I get to the gym before the sun comes up! Finally!

So, today I am giving you a little at-home burner for those cold mornings when you just want to stay home and workout! Like I normally do, this one is quick, but very effective. Expect to be a sweaty mess after the first round!

At-home workout

Be sure to check back tomorrow with some yummy meals I’ve been having lately!


Do you like to workout in the morning or at night??


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