Move it Monday- Snowed-In Version

Happy Monday Everyone!

For me, and a lot of my fellow east coasters, this weekend was one of staying inside, hunkered down as the snow piled up from Friday night through early Sunday morning. Since we have had a very mild winter thus far, I was not surprised that a blizzard was sprung upon us. We were due, that’s for sure! Also, since we haven’t really had snow this year, I was excited for a weekend where I just had to stay home and plant myself on the couch. We didn’t really have a choice this time! However, I wish it would have happened during the week to get a real snow day and a day off of work, but I’m not complaining 🙂

Hopefully, we are one and done with blizzards this year, though. I am an “on-the-go” type of person, so being locked up for one weekend is enough for me! I was definitely getting cabin fever by the end of the weekend. However, I did do some cooking, so I keep your eyes peeled for my snow-y weekend eats! Obviously, some healthy, some not. Who doesn’t want some comfort food while trapped in the house? Some sweets and home made pizza were definitely on my menu 🙂

Now, on to the fitness! Even though I was stuck at home and had a lottttt of shoveling to do, I still wanted to get in some movement so I wouldn’t feel so blah  by the time I could get out of the house again. So, I made do with the zero workout equipment I have and did some good body weight workouts! So, today you’re getting not one, but two sweaty at-home workouts that are perfect for a weekend where you can’t leave the house or get outside.

Snow Day Workout

This workout is pretty simple, but will do the trick! Just two exercises, jumping jacks and push-ups. Start by performing 2 jumping jacks and 2 push-ups. Then 4 jumping jacks and 4 push-ups. Continue the rep scheme until you get up to 20 reps of each! And done!

I did this workout on Saturday, then completed this one Sunday before shoveling. I guess you could say it was my warm-up, but, after I shoveled, I realized that working out first probably wasn’t the best idea 🙂

5 rounds:

1 minute wall sit

1 minute burpees

1 minute pike push ups

1 minute flutter kicks

Rest 1 minute

Andddd then here was my second workout which took FOR.EV.ER. UGH!!! And I didn’t even get it all. It was so ridiculous! Talk about getting in my workouts this weekend!



I am glad that is over! And, I get a half a snow day today, too! Woohoo!


Have a great week!


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