Move It Monday- Cardio Crusher

Happy Monday! How was everybody’s weekend?? Mine was busy, but a lot of fun! It was definitely much needed after a crazy busy week following last weekend’s blizzard.  I felt like there was a lot of catching up to do at work, so by the time Friday rolled around, I was more than ready for the weekend. 

Saturday was my company’s holiday party which was Great Gatsby themed! We all dressed up in suits and flapper dress, made delicious food and gathered at my boss’s house for a fun filled evening. It was good to get together with my co-workers outside of work and just relax and have fun. 

Sunday was clean up, cook and relax day. I had a ton of laundry to do, major house cleaning and food prepping. So I spent a good amount of time on chores, then made delicious sweet potato and butternut squash soup for dinner and relaxed the rest of the evening. I have a busy work week this week, so I wanted to rest up while I had the time! 

And now for you workout! I did the first part of this workout at my gym this week, so I knew I had to throw it is one of my workouts for you guys! It is a lot of cardio, but definitely a really good workout! If you are unfamiliar, AMRAP stands for as many rounds as possible. So, for each AMRAP, repeat the 2 movements as many times as you an in the given amount of time. Happy sweating!

AMRAP workout

If you give this workout a try, be sure to let me know!!


What’s your favorite form of cardio?


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