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Friday! Woohoo! I am soo happy it’s Friday because I have a 3-day weekend, and only a 2-day work week next week. I have an open weekend (finally) so I am excited to do some relaxing, house work and time with friends and family. Today I have another edition of Friday Favorites thanks to Life in Leggings! I am giving you all things I am loving this week and would love to hear from you, too. Have a great Friday!

Dove Dark Chocolates

I have love these for a long time, but I am hooked on the sea salt caramel ones right now. I like to have one (or 2 :)) after dinner for a little something sweet. I also love the holiday flavors they come out with! Reading the inside of the wrappers always makes my day. This one was particularly interesting haha! Do you know what it means?

New LaCroix Flavors

I’ve loved this brand of sparkling water for a while, but they recently have come out with a few new flavors. I gave the apple-berry one a try and love it! Next on my list to try is the blackberry-cucumber!

Celestial Seasonal Tea

Ok, so, I have NEVER been a tea drinker. I know I am crazy, but I just don’y really like tea. No green tea, iced tea, hot tea, you name it, I’m not a fan. However, my co-workers all drink hot tea (or any tea) all the time. Sometimes in the afternoon, I crave a hot drink, but don’t want any coffee/caffeine that late in the day. I had seen Celestial Seasonings seasonal teas in Target, and the flavors looked yummy. So, I figured I’d give them a try and to my surprise, I liked them! I have tried the caramel apple and peppermint and was a fan of both. And, they are caffeine-free, so make a perfect afternoon drink. 

Holiday Gift Shopping

I am so not ready for watching Christmas movies or listening to Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, BUT, I have been buying some gifts already because stores have had some great deals on items that I planned to buy. With starting a new job, I will be really busy the month before Christmas so I figured I might as well get ahead. I have bought almost all my gifts already!

Macy’s Sales

This week, Macy’s was having a great sale! Many items were on clearance, and it was free shipping on any orders over $25.  I’ve been eyeing up a gift that I wanted to buy for one of my family members and bit the bullet on Monday because I couldn’t pass up the deal!

Angie’s “Holidrizzle” Popcorn

Ok, this is totally a guily pleasure of mine right now. Normally, when I see delicious looking treats in the store (Target), I don’t give in a just keep walking. But not with this stuff. I’m guessing that since it is holiday inspired it drew me in. So far, I have tried the white chocolate peppermint (!!!!) and the frosted sugar cookie. I have my eye on the hot chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt flavors too. I may or may not have finished the bag by myself in 1 or 2 sittings. Oops. But seriously, it is addicting and SO good.

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Cream

Another one of my favorite things once the holidays come around.  Yes, I love constantly smelling like a sugar cookie The scent in this lotion lasts forever!

Yes, a lot of random things today, but as the holidays start to pop up, there are soo many things to enjoy! In a couple weeks I will have a holiday special post of my favorites

Have a great weekend!

What are you loving this week? What’s your favorite holiday?



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