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It’s Friday! Woohoo! In true Friday fashion, I will be linking up with Life in Leggings for favorite things Friday. I have a lot of things I am loving this week, and can’t wait to share them with you!

Does anyone have fun plans for this Super Bowl Weekend? Tonight, we are having a girls night at my gym, which I am so excited about! We did this once last year, and it was so fun! It’s all girls, and you can bring friends, and we do a workout, followed by a potluck social! So fun to meet other women from my gym, get a workout and relax with yummy (mostly healthy) food. Saturday, is family dinner/game night, which is always a good time! And Sunday, of course is the Super Bowl! We are headed to a friends house to celebrate! I haven’t quite decided on an appetizer to take yet, but I’m thinking a jalapeno corn dip! Yum!

But, anyway, here are some things I am loving this week! Feel free to share things you are loving as well! Happy Friday!

  • Honest Deodorant:  a while back, I signed up for monthly Honest packages. And I love them! I get to change up what I want each month and extend the date if I feel like I don’t need anything at the moment. One of my favorite products that I have gotten in the deodorant. It is a spray, which I have always been skeptical of, but I love this one. It is light, dries quickly and smells great! Not to mention, it has no harsh ingredients. Can’t be beat!
  • Wegman’s Salad Bar: I didn’t take a picture because I was too busy eating, but I LOVE Wegman’s salad bar! They have no many unique and delicious options, it is just the best.


  • Coaching Lax: I recently started coaching lacrosse again for a couple of small groups, and I am having so much fun! Since playing in college, I have done a little coaching here a there, and always have a good time. How cute are they?!
  • Girls Night at the Gym: Like I mentioned above, this is an event I loved in the past, and am really looking forward to the one tonight! This picture is from the first one. Great turnout! 11178305_10205971876043445_7774102568734171633_n


  • Hump Day Margaritas and Tacos: Again, no picture because I was eating 🙂 but, I met my cousin at my all time favorite local Mexican restaurant for dinner Wednesday to plan a bridal shower we are hosting. A good margarita and some chicken tacos on corn tortillas hit the spot!


  • Peanut Butter Puffins: last week, I had the pumpkin puffins, so this week I tried the peanut butter and loved them! Low sugar, small ingredient list, just what I like! I used to LOVE cereal and ate it almost everyday for breakfast. Then I realized what I was eating was terrible. So I am glad that there are better options now as far as cereal goes. Although I don’t eat it often, it is nice for an after dinner snack every once in a while.


  • New Larabar flavors: Oh my gosh, guys! I was checking out at Target the other day and noticed a rack of Larabars in front of me with 2 new-to-me flavors! I was so excited and grabbed a box and immediately threw it on the counter. I got the Mint Chip Brownie, but they also had Lemon, which I am definitely getting next time I am there! YUM.

Have a great weekend!

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